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A Feel Good Guide To Pembrokeshire

A well-being guide to wild spaces - Find your feel good in Pembrokeshire In our debut book, festival co-founder Amber Lort-Phillips and festival director, Laura Owen Sanderson have released their first book, 'Find Your Feel Good in Pembrokeshire'. With a no nonsense approach to a host of wellbeing activities and techniques, the authors share a toolkit of exercises to get you started. This book debunks the myths, strips away the complexity and delivers simple yet powerful strategies to get you started on your own well being journey.

Amber and Laura decided to write the book after testing, trialling and putting a whole host of wellbeing fads, traditions and raved about practices through its paces. The lockdown saw both of them rediscover the natural environment and compile a list of wellbeing practices and a guide to the best places to trial them in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire was unsurprisingly rated by National Geographic magazine experts as the second best coastline in the World. With 186 miles of magnificent and varied coastline and over 50 beaches, there are plenty of places to discover off the beaten track. You can choose between forest bathing amongst historic ruins, cycling along the country paths, stargazing in a designated dark sky reserve, snorkelling with seals, meditating on a cliff top or cold water swimming in the Cleddau estuary; Pembrokeshire has it all.

Get your copy here.

All profits raised from this book will support the Mental Health Awareness area of the festival and a whole host of programmes throughout the year, to support the community at a grassroots level. Dedicated to the memory of Gryff Cian Morgan.

Photography by Owen Howells Photography.

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