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A Life Kitchen Christmas

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Festival director Ryan Riley, is co-founder of the award winning 'Life Kitchen'. He has just released his latest book, ‘A Life Kitchen Christmas’.

Inspired by Christmas classics, the cookbook comprises three chapters, The Night Before Christmas, The Main Event and Boxing Day & Beyond, and includes all the original, mouth-watering recipes included in the first edition, as well as eight new showstoppers.

Life Kitchen is a not-for-profit cookery school for people whose taste has been affected by cancer or cancer treatment. They teach anyone experiencing an altered sense of taste due to Covid. Life Kitchen’s focus is on taste and flavour, and helping people enjoy food again. ‘A Life Kitchen Christmas’ is intended as a gift from the founders of Life Kitchen to cancer and covid patients and their families across the country this Christmas, and to help them have their most relaxing and delicious Christmas yet.

During cancer treatment and COVID-19, a lot of patients lose or experience changes to their sense of taste or smell. This is a difficult side effect that can make mealtimes difficult and isolating. Life Kitchen is run by co-founders Ryan Riley, author, cook and food stylist, and Kimberley Duke, recipe developer, trained chef and food stylist.

Both Ryan and Kim were inspired to launch Life Kitchen after losing parents to cancer. Throughout Ryan’s mum Krista’s two-year battle with cancer, Ryan saw how chemotherapy affected her ability to taste and experience food. After her death, he wanted to honour his mother’s memory and use his cooking skills to help cancer patients find flavour and pleasure in food again. And so, Life Kitchen was born.

Download your free copy of Life Kitchen Christmas here.

Catch Ryan Riley, Director of the festival Cookery Tent in June 2022, at The Big Retreat Festival.

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