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Business Women Of The Year

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

We won the Llais Cymru , Development Bank Of Wales Business Women Of The Year award.

Festival Co-founder Amber Lort - Phillips (pictured left) won the award for her direction and drive in the travel and tourism sector. Noted for her vision at The Big Retreat Festival and her drive during covid to develop and build the wellbeing getaway sister company, The Little Retreats.

Amber says "Wellbeing and the outdoor space is at the heart of everything we do both at the festival and in our smaller retreats throughout the year. It is an honour to be recognised for this work and that wellbeing and outdoor spaces are now recognised as an important and integral part of peoples lives. Both The Little retreats and The Big Retreat Festival are designed to give everyone a safe space to try wellbeing activities and skills they can utilise throughout their lives to top up their feel good vibes . This is so important especially post covid and I am honoured to be recognised for this work".

Festival director Laura Owen Sanderson won the Nature category for her water quality work at We Swim Wild. Laura says " I have been working closely with the festival and Little Retreat site to implement a sustainability roadmap to ensure the festival is at the forefront of green initiatives. We are working on a collaboration with We Swim Wild and the Big Retreat Community on the festival site to set up the first Water Hubb network in Wales and the U.K. This will be an innovative project that I am excited to launch in the next few weeks".

We are proud that in our small festival team we have two dynamic women trailblazing in the business sector in Wales and leading the way for our festival. Amber and Laura are currently working on a book to be released later in the year ....so watch this space!

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