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Can I do yoga?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Festival favourite Mahesh Hayward shares his thoughts on yoga...

A great Yogi once told me, if you can control your breathing then you are Doing Yoga.

We all conjure up images in our heads when we think of Yoga, in the West it’s normally someone in a contorted posture or upside down in a headstand effortlessly smiling. But,the reality is that Yoga isn’t just about the Body, far from it.

Yoga is about the way we live our lives, how we eat, think, speak, breath and even sleep. Yes, the Asana ( physical movement ) is important as far as keeping us physically healthy, supple in our joints and strong goes. But, our approach to our internal wellness is paramount in finding Stillness of the Mind, and the effect that has on our mental health.

The wider picture of a Yogi or Yoga is the person as a whole and also the Sangha ( community) in which you involve yourself in.There is no part of your life that Yoga is not a positive connection too, and with time and energy the path of Yoga is a very simple and beautiful way to live.

Everything basically comes back to the breath, the present Moment Practice and the understanding of the NOW. To be in control of your breathing means you regulate your body and mind simultaneously and this helps you to be the Best version of YOU.

During my life I’ve changed my outlook on almost every aspect of living, from the TV I watch to the relationships with family members and friends. So, is Yoga for you? Well we all do it regardless if you know it or not. But, when it is intentional that’s when life blossoms and a NEW flow enters life.

How to get started!

Breathing, taking time just once a day, for a few moments to sit and breath gently through the nose. This could be first thing in the morning , on the bus, at your desk or before you eat your meal. Notice the difference before and after your time out, and then start to build up from there. Notice the moment, be quiet in the mind and rest the body...... good luck and you can start NOW.

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