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Edible Flowers by Mary Ellen Gardening

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

I love edible flowers! Growing them is always a great way to experiment with plants and even surprise dinner guests with inventive, colourful garnishes and cocktails. In the garden, growing flowers specifically to use in cooking can be a fun way to plan your garden as well. As you sow your seeds and nurture the plants, you’ll feel yourself focussing in on moments in the garden and giving yourself time to step away from the outside world. When you spend time feeling your connection to the natural world, breathing deeply and nurturing growth you will experience a great many wellbeing benefits both physically and mentally. We know that just looking at a flower can make us feel happy - so why not grow lots of them!?

Decide which edible flowers you would like to grow as early as possible in the year so you can plan ahead and not only make sure you have the seeds or plants available but also that your soil is prepared ready to sow and plant at the right time of year. Just like any other food, edible flowers all taste a little different. Some are spicy or peppery like Nasturtiums, some have a little zing such as Marigolds and others are very delicate such as Violas and Pansies. Consider the tastes when you look at which seeds to sow. Take a look at what kind of style and feel you would like your garden to be and then look for edible flowers that match! If you are looking for white, try Chamomile and Alyssum for pretty white flowers or vibrant colours such as the blue Cornflower and pink Fuchsia. Will you use them as a salad garnish or in drinks? Will you want to use them as a medicine, such as a herbal tea or in a tonic. The usages are wide and varied so make sure you enjoy some research first.

There are so many edible flowers to grow that you shouldn’t feel restricted by space if you have a smaller area or even a balcony. You can grow in hanging baskets, pots and containers or in larger beds and borders - there are lots of options. Popular edible flowers are:

Hibiscus, Dandelion, Magnolia, Peony, Calendula, Gladiolus, Squash flowers, Borage

Day Lily, Rose, Honeysuckle, Pansy and Viola, Nasturtium and many many more! Don’t forget herbs as well.

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