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Which Wellness Type Are You?

We’re all about wellbeing at The Big Retreat Festival, and finding your feel good is one of the most important things you can do with your time on the planet. But how well do you know yourself? There are 5 key areas at our wellbeing and adventure festival. But which one most compliments your personality? Keep reading to find out…


You know your Kundalini from your Hatha. You’re fully connected during a gong bath, and you know how to make your singing bowl sing. You're open to connecting your higher power with breath work. You're not opposed to an icy bath, and you enjoy a cold water swim on the weekends.

You will likely fall in love with the Soul Space.

If you’re looking for a reset and reconnect, then the soul space is for you. You can find hypnotherapy, gong baths, meditation, ice baths, breath work, wild swimming, fire walking, yoga classes and the famous Shelf Help talk tent, jam packed with inspiring talks and workshops from the leading names in the wellbeing industry.


You spend your free time sweating it out in the nearest fitness class. Pounding the trails is your idea of heaven. Tough Mudder? You’re already on your fourth. And you’ve downloaded every fitness app on the market. You get your thrills from high energy, high octane workouts. You love discovering new fitness trends and breaking out in a sweat for all the right reasons. This is your idea of finding your feel good.

You will likely fall in love with the Energy Field. You can find almost every fitness class going, from pound fit, kettle-bell workouts, circuit training, core conditioning, Pilates, ballet, high energy dance classes, nutritional workshops, and this year we’ve even built our own assault course.


You know your Picasso from your Pollock. You spend your free time crafting out of recycled bits and bobs, and your ideal Saturday is spent perusing the modern art museum. Your idea of winding down involves a paintbrush and a 2B pencil.

You will likely fall in love with the Tangled Woods.

You can channel your inner Van Gogh with artist workshops, including printmaking, spoon carving, drawing, painting and environmental forest art.


You spend your free time scaling mountains or deep sea diving. You know how to start a roaring campfire without lighter fuel. Mountain biking through the forest, swimming across a lake, and pushing your body to the brink in the elements is how you get your thrills.

You will likely fall in love with the Roaring Fire Pit and Tangled Woods. Head to the fire pit where you can hear tales from the U.K.'s leading adventurers. Want to know what it's like to do 10 marathons in the coldest places on earth? Row solo across the Atlantic? Navigate a river from source in South America and create your own everyday adventures from your doorstep? Then this is the place to be inspired. You will also love the Tangled woods where you will learn your wax cap from your deadly nightshade with foraging guides, bushcraft survival workshops and wood craft.


You know your Berry from your Hollywood. You're a creative genius with the remnants of your refrigerator, and you love nothing more than mixing up a new cocktail recipe. You get a buzz from baking, and your friends call on you to lead the dinner party scene.

You will likely fall in love with the Cookery Tent. Learn how to bake from the experts, whizz up a nutritious smoothie. Try vegan food that tastes like the real deal, channel your inner ‘I'm a celebrity, get me out of here’ with your own bug tasting session,


You're a live music adrenaline seeker. You love dancing to your favourite tunes, heading to gigs, and jumping up and down in a mosh pit. You find your feel good in the festival scene. You like to go large, and you're always the first person to lead the dance off.

You will likely fall in love with the Main Stage. We have our best musical line up to date heading to The Big Retreat. Up and coming talent from the Welsh music scene to household names such as Reef. If you have excess energy to burn off, our headliners from the Energy Field and Soul Space will lead main classes from the main stage. During the day, you can meditate and work up a sweat, ready for the evening music scene.


You love nature, from gardening to growing your own vegetables. You know what went wrong at COP26, and you're doing your best to make your voice is heard. You're a climate activist, and you ensure your footprint is as small as possible. You get pleasure from being at one with nature and protecting what you love.

You will likely fall in love with Darwin's Den and the Tangled Woods . You will find your mind boggling science workshops, gardening tips, and meet the activists leading from the front. Find out what you can do to take care of the planet and protect wild spaces.

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