Talks • Cookery Demos • Gin Workshops • Kitchen Disco 

Big Retreaters can look forward to being entertained in our Chef's Kitchen.  

With a variety of cookery demos from plant based to cooking on fire 

Nutritional talks in eco conscious eating, mood boosting foods, gut health and food to calm the body and mind.

At 5pm our famous gin workshops begin

And at 7pm each evening our family kitchen disco takes the floor

Max La Manna

Low-waste chef Max La Manna’s recipe content and food shows have been seen by over 1 billion people. Max is a social media sensation with over 1.2 million followers across his social media accounts, where he shares ways that people can rethink their food consumption to make the most of the food we’re buyin

August Bernstein

Head tutor at Raymond Blanc Garden School and Belmondle Manoir Kitchen Gardener - Seed Explorers Founder 

Kwoklyn Wan

Worldwide bestselling author, TV Chef, martial arts expert and presenter

Toral Shah

Nutritional Scientist (MSc Nutr Med) and functional medicine & nutrigenomics master practitioner, 

Founder of The Urban Kitchen

The Fitness Chef

Graeme Tomlinson - Sunday Times bestselling - busting diet myths and empowering you with simple advice and improving your relationship with food 

Sam and Shauna

Started Hang Fire almost 10 years ago after a 6mth BBQ pilgrimage to Southern US states . The pair have won many awards for their sustainable, ethical cooking.

Jenny Chandler

Teacher, food writer, speaker, consultant and blogger, passionate about inspiring other to source, prepare and eat great food . 


GBBO Finalist 2022

Sandro is buzzing with excitement to meet all of you festival goers who loves the art of cooking just as much as him 

Andrew Clarke

Award winning chef in the UK food scene. Best known for his restaurants Acme fire cult and is a shamanic practitioner and mental health campaign pilot Light 

Jennifer Medhurst

AKA the imperfect nutritionist - specialist in gut health and helping your impressive your energy, sleep, skin, immunity and general wellness

Matt Pritchard

The Dirty Vegan- The star of MTV's Dirty Sanchez series in the early 2000's. Matt became a vegan 10 years ago having turned his back on years of abuse and a famous 'wildman' lifestyle

Monica Durigon

Author of everyday nutrition. A graduate of the institute of Optimum Nutrition. 

Dr Mauroof Athique

Ayurvedic Physician and Panchakarma Specialist. One of the leading Ayurvedic physicians in the UK 

Ceri Jones

Food educator, food writer and chef specialising in catering for yoga and wellbeing retreats.

Meulin Athique

Ayurvedic practitioner and massage therapist 

Fell Foodie

Harrison Ward a proud Cumbrian. The Campstove Cook, Wellness Speaker, Sober Life

Ryan Riley

Founder and best selling author of multi award wining Life Kitchen Cookery 

Meredith Whitely

Mindfulness meditation teacher, chocolatier and chocolate judge with a deep passion for all things cacao 

Nikki Windsor

Founder of Jungle Goddess Gut Health - Nikki helps people prioritise gut health and provides hope for people with chronic disease 

Kirsten Davies

Kirsten works with women from the age of 15 up to help them regain their confidence by teaching them how to feed their minds, nourish their bodies and fuel their souls.  I work with people who have food-related health issues, body confidence issues, weight loss goals or eating disorders.

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