Fitness Field

Our Fitness Field is the place for dynamic Feel Good activities. The place to shake it all out, let it all go and get the adrenaline pumping by bouncing, dancing, running and putting yourself through your paces. Relax with your favourite routine or discover the latest fitness crazes.

Rise early for a boot camp workout, pound fit class, morning run , or something more gentle like core conditioning or stretch and release.

. In the afternoon try a high energy dance classes, learn to salsa or head our for a run with one of our coaches, a nordic walking class with Chris, or try a dip in the estuary with our wild swim guides.

Don't miss our on Chris's Fitness Challenge (winner gets 2 tickets to next years festival :-) .. will you take the challenge ?

The Fitness Timetable 2023


Mr Motivator



Wild Swimming


Stretch Classes

Kick Boxing

Tri Training

Latest Fitness Trends