Art and craft

Welcome to the Arts and craft page for The Big Retreat!

Here,  you will final the information you will need to experience the wonderful world of creativity and self expression that awaits you in 2024.

Get ready to unleash your inner artist.

Drop in art and craft

Head to The Mind space

The drop in arts and craft station is situated in the Mind space and open from 10am to 4pm everyday.

Here you can make a friendship bracelet, decorate a memory stone, have a go at mindful knitting or create a piece of paper art.

Upcycling Station

In the Art and Craft Tent

The upcycling station will be open every morning in the arts and craft tent between 9am - 1pm

Upcycling creates stylish and unique pieces of clothing - bring something with you and give it a new lease of life

Large Group Art Session

Drop in session in the Art and Craft Tent

Friday and Saturday Afternoon 1pm and 3pm - 100 spaces 

Join TV's Find it, Fix it Flog it presenter Gemma Longworth for some therapeutic art sessions.


 Mini Masterpiece - painting without expectation. Create a colourful canvas using painting techniques that are good for the canvas and your mind. 

Collage - Cut back on overthinking while creating a cut out collage postcard. Write yourself a little note and pop it in the post.

Join Diana Brook on Monday between 10am - 12pm  - Get colour  - soft pastel workshop 

Join Lee John Phillips on Friday at 1pm - 3pm for an ink workshop 

Join Louise Burdett on Monday at 2pm to 4pm for a charcoal workshop

Spoon Carving

In the Tangled Woods

These session are booked in The Tangled Woods at each whittlers station 

A fresh blackboard is put out each morning for bookings - please note these are a first come first serve basis 

Small Craft workshops

Art and Craft Tent

Our small craft workshops will be booked before the festival in 2024. 

Bookings for these session will open in April  24 - so make sure you have your festival tickets if you would like to book these sessions. 

Sessions include: *Lino printing, *Button Making, *Spoon Carving, *Macrame, *Candle Making

*Please note for the 2-3hr more specialised workshops there be a small charge of £10 

Environmental Art

Darwins Den

Head to Darwins Den to take part in Cymbrogi Futures change maker arts and craft sessions .. you'll have the chance to craft your own story through words, art, and play.