Talks• cookery demos •Gin workshops 

Big Retreaters can look forward to being entertained (and fed) with mouth-watering concoctions in The Chef's Kitchen

To balance out some of the ‘naughty-but-nice-go-on-just-one-more’ cookery, we also have nutrition talks and juicing workshops where you’ll get all the motivation and know-how you need to kick start a mini health and wellbeing revolution in your own kitchen! We even get the kids involved (yes, it IS possible…)  and there are famous gin workshops!

Our first Chef's Kitchen announcement for Big Retreat 23 is Jasmine Hemsley 

Jasmine Hemsley is a best-selling author, the Founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and East by West, chef and wellness expert. Through her work, Jasmine inspires her global audience to deepen their commitment to eco choices and sustainability in food, fashion and beauty.

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