Thu 17 Nov 2022

8 Reasons Why The Big Retreat Wales is the Perfect Place for Friends to Reconnect. by Kelly Allen

1. It’s perfect for bloggers… 

The Big Retreat is the perfect place to meet with your blogging pals! Imagine catching up, sharing tips and simply relaxing in the Welsh countryside… bliss! You could practise your photography skills or learn something new, there’s just so much to do there. But at the same time, you can also focus on getting to know your colleagues without the pressure of work… 

2. You need a break

The Big Retreat will not drain you dry. It is focused solely on health and well-being, so I imagine you’ll leave feeling very refreshed and ready to face the normal world when you leave.

3. You want to step back from social media/the 

internet Even though there’s optional 4G available, you do have the option to switch off from the internet if you choose. Imagine no pressure to keep on top of emails, Facebook notifications or creating the perfect IG photo. We all need a break from it sometimes (even bloggers!), and The Big Retreat is the perfect excuse!

4. You want to try out new things

There’s so much to do at The Big Retreat, and you’ll definitely find something new to try out. You might already know I’m very keen to try make a wooden spoon, but there’s also therapies, yoga and much, much more to try out!

5. You fancy a bit of exercise 

You can get your exercise hit from The Big Retreat Wales. From yoga to Triathlon Training , there’s a lot of choice! 

6. You like good food

Obviously I’ll be hitting the vegan stalls, but there are plenty of options whatever your food tastes. Pembrokeshire Wood-Fired Pizza, Cwlbox and The Honest Supper Club  to name but a few!

7. You’re interested in learning something new 

There’s a fantastic Talk Tent brimming full of information and tips as authors and speakers from the well-being world unite!  As well as this, you can attend food demonstrations, including Matt Pritchard who will being showing you his favourite vegan recipes.

8. You love live music

There’s such an amazing selection of musicians at The Big Retreat, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The line up includes Toploader, Reef, Jodie Marie, Rusty Shackle and Huey Morgan. I’m especially looking forward to catching Matthew Frederick!

So there you have it, 8 Reasons Why The Big Retreat is Perfect for Friends to Reconnect, and there’s probably loads more too! Don’t forget to check out my other post, 10 Reasons Why You Need to Attend The Big Retreat Wales for even more reasons to buy your tickets today! 

Have you booked your ticket yet?! 

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