Thu 17 Nov 2022

A Family Day at The Big Retreat

What a family day could look like this year...

7.30am And we are up!! Dad is cooking sausages on the BBQ and Mum has already left for an early morning yoga class. 

8.00am Went on a fab shore walk with a real life Ranger 

9.30am Watched a cookery demo on how to make the perfect cupcake and decorate it.. Yummy!

11.00am We all did a workout with Mr Motivator on the Main Stage - What Fun - SAY YEAH!! 

12.30am Time for Lunch - I had pancakes - my sister had a pizza - all to herself - Mum had a lobster and Dad had a posh burger - scrummy! 

1.00pm Dad went off to The Tangled Woods to carve a spoon - we had fun on the water slide with the Super Pirates and played games for hrs.. 

3.00pm Mum & I did a Lino printing session - Dad & my sister went on a Bug Hunt with Cymbrogi Futures 

3.30pm I made a mud pie for Dad - it smells lovely! and Dr Jess French told us all about her new book-  Its a wonderful world.. I've seen her on  Minibeast Adventure on CBeebies :-) 

5.00pm Learn’t some great circus tricks with my new friends and played football on the campsite 

6.00pm Mum's off to the Gin Workshop (Dads doing the rum one tomorrow) whilst we head to the kids disco 

7.00pm Lots of lovely Live Music - happy memories, we all love dancing! 

8.30pm Round the campfire for some bedtime stories with The Super Pirates 

9.30pm - Campsite - very tired - can't wait for tomorrow - I'm going to try wild swimming, a yoga class, join the talent show, learn how to DJ with Grom and Billy and make a shelter in the woods.... Can’t Wait!! 

Mum and Dad thought if was great too as all our activities today where included in our ticket prices 🙌 

Review from Rose-Marie Mulligan 

"I’ve been looking for a festival that my family and I could go to that would keep us entertained both as a family and individually and we certainly found it all and more at The Big Retreat! We stayed in one of the bell tents which added to the whole festival feel and which my children absolutely loved. The facilities there exceeded all expectations of a campsite which for my non camping husband, was a big relief! It was great to see my children running around the fields and forests meeting their friends and making new ones and if they weren’t doing that, they were with us doing one of the many classes that were on offer. The vibe of the whole weekend was just full of positive energy, love and happiness. We left feeling relaxed, reconnected, recharged and really looking forward to next year!"

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